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"Revolutionary St. Petersburg" walking tour

St. Petersburg is the city of 3 revolutions. This is a tour to places which will give you an idea how Russia was preparing itself for such a huge event and what the results were. Cruiser "Aurora" is included.

The word "revolutio" in Latin means "sharp turn" or even "upheaval", "coup d'etat" (French word) - deep and serious change of the current way of development. The third and, hopefully, the last revolution in Russia was even deeper and much more serious than expected…

Lenin's real name is Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov. Lenin was born in 1870 in the family of highly educated and intelligent people. Vladimir easily passed entrance exams in the Kazan University but quite soon was unfortunately expelled for taking part in student riots. In 1891 he took an external degree in Law in St.Petersburg State University. In 1897 he was arrested and exiled outside Saint-Petersburg to Shushenskoye. He left Russia in 1900 and started publishing the newspaper "Iskra". On the second Russian Socialist Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP) meeting he was chosen to be a leader of Bolsheviks (the majority).

Lenin was a supporter of Marx and Engels ideas. He considered that capitalism stepped into its latest stage - imperialism and the leading European countries are ready for the world socialist revolution. He strongly criticized the principles of parliament democracy and powers division, he was saying that only through the proletariat dictatorship it is possible to build socialism and then communism.

……….. In the evening of Oct.24th, 1917 the Red Guards and several military units captured Neva bridges and strategic centres (Post and telephone offices, railway stations). Just for a few hours the city was under the Guards' control……..

On our Revolutionary tour we will come across the following:

  • Gorkovskaya metro station (Maxim Gorky, the proletariat writer #1 in the USSR)…
  • Peter and Paul's Fortress (political prison from 1820-s, among prisoners were A. Ulianov, Dostoevsky, Radishev, Bakunin, Chernishevsky and many others)…
  • Kshesinskaya house (Here during the night of April 4th 1917 Lenin had a conversation with party members about prospectives of revolution and tasks of RSDLP. Under Lenin's supervision the first meeting of the 1st Petrograd RSDLP Conference was held here. As well as the 3rd Russian Conference of the Bolsheviks Party and meeting of front and rear organizations of RSDLP)…
  • Kuibisheva Street….
  • Cruiser Aurora (The storm of Winter Palace took place late at night after several blank volleys from Cruiser "Aurora" from a ship nose gun)…
  • Lenin's Sq. (The monument "Lenin on an armed car": "Long Live the World Socialist Revolution")…
  • Lenin's locomotive

Length: 3 hrs

Price: 3200 RUB (40 EUR/50 USD) p/person
Minimum amount of people: 2 people.


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