Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo), incl. Catherine Palace with Amber room and park

Catherine's Palace and the surrounding parks were create by Empress Elizabeth and Catherine the Great, which is why Pushkin was formerly known as "village of the tsars" (Tsarskoye Selo). The palace, with its famous Amber room, is an impressive post-WWII reconstruction. The adjoining Cameron Gallery has a magnificent view of the park and the Agate room. The gardens of Catherine Park are dotted with unusual buildings, including a Chinese village.

Length: 5 hours
Price includes: car (minibus) + guide + entrance tickets
Price: 1 person - 10980 RUB (169 EUR/183 USD) p/person,
2 people - 6300 RUB (97 EUR/105 USD) p/person,
3 and more people - 5310 RUB (82 EUR/89 USD) p/person,