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"Back in USSR" walking tour

"…Mr. Khrushyev said we will bury you
I don't subscribe on this point of view
Such ignorant thing to do
If the Russians love the children too…"

Discover the Soviet epoch of our country. Go along Stalin's, Khrushyev's and Brezhnev's times, see the contrast between the past and the present. The excursion ends with a welcoming tea at a Russian family's apartment.

Sickles and hammers on badges, medals, flags, even building walls. The hammer embodied "workers' tool" and a sickle embodied the one of a collective-farmer. The Communist Party was a union of workers and peasants, i.e. representatives of industry (a hammer) and agriculture (a sickle). The red color used to be the major color of the Soviets, it meant "flame" - a symbol of fight, struggle. The USSR flag, Pioneers' tie, stars on medals were colored in red.

The USSR was founded in 1922 and included only 4 republics: Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Caucasus republics (Armenia, Georgia and Azerbajan). Later on the Soviet Union was joined by Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and others. By 1940 the USSR consisted of 15 republics.

The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics was ruled at different times by Vladimir Lenin, Iosif Stalin, Nikita Khrushev, Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, Konstantin Chernenko, Mikhail Gorbachev.

The USSR is not only the Communist party and KGB, but also:

  • October badges; Lenin rooms; pioneer ties; paper and metal collection raids at school;
  • Soviet propaganda in art, literature, science, radio and TV;
  • Stalin's, Brezhnev's and Khrushev's types of apartment buildings;
  • Millions of jokes about Brezhnev;
  • Gorbachev's perestroika and anti-alcohol campaign;
  • Lots of red and black caviar, but little milk and meat in shops;
  • Lenin streets in every city and town of the country;
  • Space achievements;
  • Soviet cars, video and audio equipment;
  • Pseudo-equal rights and opportunities;
  • Real patriotism, brotherhood and sincere pride for the country's success in some areas of life;
  • Stability and feeling confidence in the future.

All the families, that welcome our guests at the end of this tour remember that epoch very well. You will have a chance to hear some interesting episodes and funny stories from their Soviet life.

Length: 4 hrs

Price: 4800 RUB (60 EUR/70 USD) p/person
Minimum amount of people: 2 people.


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